Super Mario Maker 2 is a great sequel that makes me miss the Wii U

Sega’s Virtua Racing for Switch is a stunning update of a technical landmark

Virtua Racing is one of the most important games in Sega’s history, but there’s never been a perfect way to play it outside of an arcade. Until now: the new version of Virtua Racing is incredible, and since it’s on the Nintendo Switch, it’s portable as well.

Part of The best games of 2019

Slo-mo shoot ‘em up My Friend Pedro will make you obsess over high scores

It’s a good time to be an indie developer making games for the Nintendo Switch, and the most recent title to prove that point is My Friend Pedro. From developer DeadToast Entertainment and renowned indie publisher Devolver Digital, the game is an evolution of the Flash experience fans of Adult Swim web games might have played a half decade ago.