Buildings Have Feelings Too!, a citybuilder in which the buildings talk, is out now

Please a giant goddess with boomerang fights in Bamerang

Bamerang is a local multiplayer game about having boomerang fights with tiny pixel people for the amusement of a giant green goddess and her big hands.

If you were a building, what kind of building would you be? I’d like to say I’d be a grand old hotel down by the sea, but over a year of lockdown eating makes it more likely I’d be a dilapidated old factory and condemned as a fire hazard.

Buildings Have Feelings Too! suggests there might be hope for me, anyway. It’s a game in which the buildings of feelings – and wants, fears, arms and legs. And it’s out now.

Samurai Gunn 2 is aiming for an early access release this summer

Samurai Gunn 2 is a quick shoot-and-slice multiplayer game like the original, but now also sports a story mode, co-op, a comic and a lot else.

BHFT! is a city management and puzzle game, in which you’re constructing buildings as per usual, but also meeting their needs and maximising adjacency bonuses to unlock new types. As you play, your city progresses through different eras, from Victorian through to modern day. And, if you screw up, buildings will demolished forever.

I like city management games, and I like city management games that have a different approach to the genre. The king of city puzzling right now is, to my mind, Concrete Jungle, in which you construct a city via a customisable deck of cards.

I don’t yet know if Buildings Have Feelings Too! will live up to its buildings’ cute walking animation, but we’ll have a review along soon. In the meantime, you can find it now on Steam.

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is heading to PC on July 6th

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is making its way to PC on July 6th, after the action-RPG was released on PS4 earlier this year. Watch the new trailer here.