Fortnite – Find Deadpool’s Shorts and Salute Deadpool’s Pants

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On April 16, new Fortnite challenges were unlocked, week 9 in season 2 is active. You can now find the new challenges under the challenge table, but not all!

In this guide we want to explain the following hidden Deadpool missions:

  • Find Deadpool’s shorts
  • Salute in front of Deadpool’s pants


Find Deadpool’s shorts and pants

This mission is well hidden! Click on the “Battle Pass” tab and you will be taken to a large room with various options. On the right you see a staircase, on the left you can see a fan / ventilation.

Click on the ventilation and you get into Deadpool’s secret room with a computer. Click on the computer and you will see all Deadpool missions unlocked so far.

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You can find the Deadpool shorts in the agent room of Midas, they lie on the armchair.

To salute in front of Deadpool’s pants, you have to find them first. Starts a match and ends up at Sweaty Sands. On the highest house you can see Deadpool’s pants, land there and salute!

When you complete all Deadpool challenges, including today’s, unlock the Deadpool X-Force outfit!


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