Resident Evil 8 Village – Safe and Door Codes Guide

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As you know from other Resident Evil games, there are also some hidden safes and locked doors in Resident Evil Village (Resi 8). The only difference is that in RE Village there are only 3 codes, 2 locked safes and one locked door.

These locked elements must be opened with a combination of numbers. By pressing the control pad (up and down) you can enter the 6-digit code. If the combination is correct, the safe or the door will open.

You can find an overview of all trophies and achievements here.


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Safe & Door Codes

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Safe #1
Location: Village 1F, Workshop
Code: 07-04-08

Tür #1
Location: Beneviento House
Code: 05-29-11

Safe #2
Location: Village 1F, Luthier’s House
Code: 27-09-17

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