Marvel’s Avengers – All Artifacts Locations Guide

Marvel’s Avengers How to Unlock the Iron Man Starboost Armor Outfit

In Marvel’s Avengers you you’ll be able to unlock a ton of outfits for your team of Avengers. In this Guide we want to show you how to unlock the Starboost Armor Outfit.

In Marvel’s Avengers you can find and collect two different sorts of Artifacts. Each Artifact is a specialty gear item with unique and high quality perks. You can find Minor Artifacts can be used for the power level of your Hero while Major artifacts add a flat power bonus. Major Artifacts can be equipped by any of your Hero. However, when you upgrade an artifact of one of your heroe, it will be only count for him. Let’s say you upgrade an artifact on Thor, it woun’t be upgraded on any of your other characters.

You can unlock a total of 51 trophies in Marvel’s Avengers. However, you have to earn 50 trophies and find all collectibles to get the platinum trophy and complete the game with 100%

To make your way to platinum a little easier, we want to help you with the following trophy / achievement:

  • Odds and Ends
    Collect three Artifacts

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You can find an overview of all trophies and guides here.


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All Artifacts Locations


How to get the (Exotic) Sacred Norn Stone of Lethal Will Artifact

Mission: The Ant Hill
Before you start the mission you have to talk to Theo and you should get the Sacred Norn Stone of Lethal Will once you talked to Theo.

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