Fortnite: Gas up a Vehicle at Catty Corner – Week 9 S3

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The 9th week in Fortnite Season 3 is active! There are again some challenges that you can complete. With this guide we want to help you with the following mission:

Gas up a Vehicle at Catty Corner – Fortnite Week 9

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Refuel a car at Catty Corner

The task doesn’t sound difficult at first if it weren’t for the many NPC’s at the gas station. On the area of the gas station you will meet many henchmen and marauders who make your life difficult.

So try to turn off the enemy and then get to the gas pump, there should already be vehicles.

Alternatively, you can also use the phone booth at the gas station, so you are tramped and can easily refuel the car.

How do I refuel a vehicle? You have to take the tap at the tank, then you run to the tank of the vehicle and press R2.

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