Destiny 2: Alle Menagerie Lore Item Locations – Season of Opulence

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With the Season of Opulence Update of Destiny 2, new Lore item collectibles have been added to the game. In this guide we want to show you where every single Lore item is hidden.

In total you can find 9 new Lore Items, below you can see all the locations.


The Menagerie Lore Item – Confessions: Entrys

#1 The Menagerie Lore Item Location – Confessions: Entry I

The first lore item can not really be overlooked, it is in the middle of the room for the very first encounter “The Lamplighting”.


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#2 The Menagerie Lore Item Location – Confessions: Entry II

In “The Hunted” encounter, from the rally flag head to the right and it’ll be in the corner of the room on your left.


#3 The Menagerie Lore Item Location – Confessions: Entry III

If you are in the room of “Hasapiko, Beloved by Calus”, look to the balcony on the left.


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