Where to watch the Age Of Empires 4 fan preview today

Temtem, the monster taming MMO, gets Cipanku island on April 13th

Temtem, the monster taming MMO, gets its next major expansion with the opening of Cipanku island on April 13th.

Age Of Empires 4 was announced a few years ago, but we’ve only seen a little of the Relic-developed sequel to the classic RTS series. That’s about to change with the Age Of Empires Fan Preview event, which is taking place about an hour from now at 5pm BST/9am PST/12pm EST. You can stream it before.

Here’s the stream on YouTube:

Please ghosts with crafting in the chill Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove is a chill life sim set on a haunted island, which you restore by crafting, fishing and performing jobs for a growing menagerie of harmless ghosts.

The preview event will bring a new look at Age Of Empires 4, plus updates to Age Of Empires 2 Definitive Edition. We’ll also have our own look at Age 4 shortly thereafter. (Update: Nate’s big Age Of Empires 4 preview is up now, based on seeing the game and chatting to its devs at Relic.)

We last saw Age Of Empires 4 back in 2019 with a trailer that revealed the English and Mongols, but not much as far as specifics of how the game would differ from its predecessors. It’s got a good pedigree in Relic at least, who previously made strategy games such as Company Of Heroes and Dawn Of War.

Microsoft have done a good job with Age Of Empires recently through the Definitive Edition of AoE2, which has become an increasingly popular multiplayer game and entranced Nate completely.

You can now use the best of Yahoo! Answers as a Typing Of The Dead dictionary

Yahoo! Answers is dead, and so someone turned the best of the site into a Typing Of The Dead: Overkill custom dictionary. Kill zombies with dumb questions.