Fortnite: Claptrap’s Missing Eye Location Guide – Pandora Challenges

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Fortnite – Find Claptraps Lost Eye and bring it back! – Welcome to Pandora challenges

One of the Pandora challenges in Fortnite requires you to find and bring back the claptraps lost eye. In this guide we want to show you where to find the eye.


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Find Claptraps Eye in Fortnite

You will find the Eye of Claptrap in the Pandora area, far to the south of Paradise Palms. In the video below you can see the exact location, as soon as you have the eye you have to run to Claptrap and bring back his eyes.

When you have found the eye, go to the entrance of Pandora, under the Great sign you will find Claptrap. He will wave to you when you come to the sign.

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