Farming Simulator 22 is headed into the field on November 22

This is probably the most painfully beautiful Minecraft texture pack

The Brixel resource pack for Minecraft just recently released its full version and it sure is lovely to look at even if stepping on it would be painful.

Rise and shine, digital farmers, and circle November 22 on your calendar. That’s the day that Farming Simulator 22 is headed out into the field. The next iteration of digital farming has just announced its release date with a heartstring-pulling new trailer and some extra details on new crops to check out. You can spot both right down here.

Farm Sim 22 is adding several new crops for you to plant and manage. You’ll be able to plant grapes, olives, and sorghum too. That last one’s a grain, in case I’m not the only one who didn’t know offhand. Farm Sim 22 also adds production chains, they’d previously announced, meaning that you can turn those crops into products such as juice and olive oil. New crops also mean new machines, including the New Holland Braud 9070L for grape harvesting.

You can see a bit of all those crops and hardware down here in the new trailer, or catch a few extra details here in Giants Software’s announcement.

Valheim’s midsummer update makes maypoles buildable and bosses bolder

Along with tweaks to enemy AI, Valheim has gotten a small midsummer update that will temporarily let you build the rare maypoles.

Cute, innit? Dad and daughter farming together. She looks like she’s going a tad fast in that combine though, huh? I’m from corn territory and know my fair share of family farmers, so I suppose the generational bit is meant to specifically tug on the heart strings of me and mine. Yeah, it’s worked.

It’s not all small family farming here in FS22 though. You can catch a bit more on bigtime farming in Giants Software’s explanation of those production chains. There will be new buildings for delivering your crops to, after which you can let the business transport the products for you or get involved in the next step of the chain yourself.

Farming Simulator 22 is launching on November 22. You’ll find it over on Steam for PC and Mac. It’ll also be available on Stadia, PS4, PS5, and the Xbox boxes.

Eve Online is currently testing out a “significant new visual update”

CCP say they’re testing out shader updates and new lighting to make Eve Online even prettier.