Fortnite: All Memorial Cube Locations Guide – Week 3 Season 10

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Fortnite Week 3 in Season 10 is active from today, 8/15/2019, and we have all the solutions to the challenges for you! In this guide we want to explain you the following challenge:

Visit a memorial to a cube in the desert or by a lake – Fortnite Week 3 Worlds Collide

In addition to this mission, we will also show you how to complete the Prestige version of this challenge.


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Visits in the desert or near a lake a monument in honor of a cube

This task is one of the “Worlds Collide” challenges in Fortnite. Now this task contains several puzzles, which you have to solve to complete them successfully.

Where can you find a memorial to a cube in Fortnite in the desert or near a lake? There are two cubes on the map, in the first step you can visit the monument to Paradise Palms. Southwest of the village you will find the cube on a small mountain.

Once you’ve completed all the “Worlds Collide” Battle Pass Challenges, you’ll unlock the prestige missions. In Week 3 Season 10 there is a prestige version of this challenge. It is called “Visit cube memorials in the desert and by a lake”.

To complete this prestige mission, you must now visit both cubes. The second monument can be found in the middle of Loot Lake. In the video below you can see the sites of both monuments!

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