Citizen Sleeper is a dystopian slice-of-life RPG on a space station

Razer’s Project Hazel face mask has evolved with new interior RGBs

Razer have given us an update on their Project Hazel face mask, adding several new features, and confirming its Q4 release date.

It’s the future and you’re living on a space station in the great beyond! But the future is bad, and you’re only a human consciousness in an failing artificial body owned by a corporation who want you back. That’s how it goes in Citizen Sleeper, a sci-fi slice-of-life RPG announced this week by the creator of In Other Waters. I am certainly up for visiting a distant lawless space station to eek out a living, thwart a corp, and maybe even make some friends. Check out the announcement trailer below.

That looks great. One of the more exciting games I’ve seen at E3. Love a bit of dystopian posthuman living. And in the game etc.

It’ll go day by day, with us deciding where to go, what to do, which systems to hack, who to talk to or help, and so on, with only limited time to spend each cycle and timers also ticking on the rhythms and events of other people’s lives. You know, a bit like Persona but in the future and with the hounds of space capitalism nipping at your carbon fibre heels. It’s tabletop-y enough for dice rolls too, which I think are rolled at the start of a cycle then we have to decide where best to apply that pool of numbers. I think?

World War Z: Aftermath adds new zombies and crossplay this year

World War Z developers Saber Interactive have announced a new version of the game, World War Z: Aftermath, which will arrive later this year with new zombs.

Citizen Sleeper is coming to Steam in 2022, and that there store page explains more.

It’s coming from Jump Over The Age, the one-man studio of Gareth Damian Martin. He notes that character art is from comics author Guillaume Singelin and music from Amos Roddy (who also composed for In Other Waters).

Alice Bee’s In Other Waters review said it was “really very good”, meditative and calming and “possibly exactly what you need right now.” That was March 2020 and I honestly don’t know how I’d update the sentiment for June 2021.

Disclosure: Gareth Damian Martin wrote about the uncanny palace of Echo for us a few years back.

It’s official, Nvidia will stop supporting GTX 600 and 700 GPUs from October

Nvidia have announced they’re ending support for their Kepler family of desktop GPUs from October 2021, affecting all GTX 600, 700 and GTX Titan GPUs.