Desperados 3 is 50% off for the series’ 20th birthday

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The revival of tactics games has been one of the most exciting trends of the past few years. The best of the recent bunch is Desperados 3, developer Mimimi’s cowboy sneak ’em up. To celebrate the series’ 20th birthday, it’s half off – and the older games in the series have even deeper discounts.

From now until April 23rd, Desperados 3 and its season pass of DLC are 50% off. That brings the main game down to £22.50/$25/€25. It’s not the first time it’s had a half-price discount, but hey, maybe last time you weren’t ready to spend a week or two hiding in bushes.

Desperados 1 and 2 are both 75% off, meaning you can pick both of them up for the price of around 18 eggs. Helldorado, released as a sequel to Desperados 2 and the last game developed in the series by creators Spellbound Entertainment, is likewise 75% off.

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If you’ve not played it, Desperados 3 is about controlling a small band of ne’er-do-wells in the old west, and utilising their complementary skills in real-time to sneak past or somehow silence patrolling e’en-worser-do-wells. We gave it a Bestest Best in our Desperados 3 review and Matthew raved about it in his video review above.

“I guess the short version is this: if you like what Desperados 3 does, there is so much Desperados 3 for you to enjoy,” says Matthew. “I really love Mimimi’s clear devotion to the genre. To be honest, I think they’ve elevated it way above what it ever was, as much as I liked Commandos and Desperados 1. This is a much better version of that.”

You can view the full franchise sale, or pick all the games up in a bundle, over on Steam.

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