Blazing Chrome: Speedrun without dying – 6 Achievements Unlocked

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We found an interesting video guide to Blazing Chrome on Youtube. We would like to introduce you to these, he could really help you.

In this guide we want to show you also a Speedrun in Blazing Chrome, where you can unlock 6 achievements or trophies. In this Blazing Chrome Speedrun you can unlock the following trophies:

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  • Blazing Chrome – Taking a Ride
  • Blazing Chrome – Exterminator
  • Blazing Chrome – Maximum Firepower
  • Blazing Chrome – Speedrunner
  • Blazing Chrome – Mech Rider I
  • Blazing Chrome – Mech Rider III
  • Blazing Chrome – Perfect Soldier


Below the video you can see the timestamps for each area.


BLAZING CHROME (Contra Clone) – No Continues, SPEEDRUN Achievement

  • 01:37 Stage 1/Ruins of East Capital
  • 06:36 Stage 2/Supply Train
  • 14:27 Stage 3/Weapons Facility
  • 21:07 Stage 4/Communication Tower
  • 28:59 Stage 5/Hidden Outpost
  • 38:37 Stage 6/The Core
  • 45:22 Ending

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