Devolver’s Phantom Abyss arrives in early access June 22nd

Devolver’s E3 showcase was again a highlight in an underwhelming year

Devolver’s E3 2021 showcase was once again a highlight of the year’s marketing onslaught. Watch the full broadcast here.

We saw a peak at some extended gameplay during Day Of The Devs earlier this week, but during Devolver Digital’s Stream tonight Phantom Abyss bagged itself an early access release date. Arriving on June 22nd, this action-adventure game will have players racing through treacherous temples to nick artifacts, and trying to escape alive. If you die, you can never go there again, and only one player in the world can ever beat each temple.

Developers Team Wiby call Phantom Abyss an “asynchronous multiplayer game”, because on your journeys through these temples you technically won’t be alone. Other players will be trying to complete it, and you’ll see the ghosts of players who failed in their quests too (similarly to Dark Souls).

I’m excited for this one! It takes one of the aspects of Soulsborne games that I really like, which is learning from other players’ mistakes. The temples in Phantom Abyss will be full of traps, so being able to watch ghosts meet a grisly end could save your life. You can have up to 20 ghosts in your game at any time, and some of them will be your Steam pals (presumably so you can laugh at where they died and mock them for it).

Become a grim reaper crow in Death’s Door next month

During Devolver Digital’s E3 stream, they announced the dark bird-filled adventure game Death’s Door is coming out on July 20th. It looks gloomy yet charming.

It looks like it has nice movement as well. The ghosts (and player) kinda glide around as they hop from platform to platform, plus they have a whip that seems to work like a grappling hook – an excellent addition to any game.

Phantom Abyss releases in early access on Steam on June 22nd. The devs plan on keeping it there for “at least a year as the team builds out new features and content based on the community’s feedback.”

E3 2021 may be over but our memories live on – see everything on our E3 hub. Many more big game showcases and streams are still to come this summer, leading up to Gamescom, so see our summer games stream schedule to stay up to date.

Shadow Warrior devs working on serious samurai saga Trek To Yomi

Devolver Digital today announced Trek To Yomi, a serious samurai saga with a dramatic black-and-white look, coming from Shadow Warrior studio Flying Wild Hog.