GTA Online Movie Props Locations Guide – Space Interloper Outfit

In this guide we want to tell you how to unlock The Yacht Captain Outfit.

Rockstar released the Summer Update (Update 1.34 / 1.50) for GTA 5 Online today. A lot of new content has also been added with this update, such as the movie props for Solomon collectibles.

In this guide we want to tell you where all 10 movie props for Solomon are hidden.


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Movie Props Locations Guide – GTA Online

To get this Mission, head to Solomon’s office in Vinewood after installing the update.

In total you have to find 10 movie props for Solomon. You will receive $ 50,000 as a reward, and you will also receive the Space Interloper outfit.

Fixed spawns

  • Left of Solomon’s office as you leave
  • Zancudo Control tower
  • In the back room of the Strip club
  • Cannibal camp
  • Alien hippy camp
  • Casino restrooms
  • House behind cheapest clubhouse

Vehicle spawns

  • Lester’s Garnement factory (van)
  • Paleto bay, near two purchasable houses (off-road truck)
  • Market street next to theatre and bus depot (van)
  • Epsilon Building near Micheal’s house (van)
  • Kortz Center (van)

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