Shredders is a slick-looking snowboarding game coming this year

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I’ve longed for a new SSX snowboarding game for years, and recently the closest thing I’ve had to look forward to is Riders Republic. Shredders, shown during tonight’s Microsoft conference, might take its place, though. For one, its a dedicated snowboarding game.

Here’s the announcement trailer:

It looks more serious than SSX’s cartoony sliders, and anything that takes inspiration from social media is immediately offputting to me, but otherwise I’m on board (pun intended). The snowboarding looks good, the snow looks good, and I hope it lets me slide down a big mountain.

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There’s very little other detail available about Shredders. The game’s page on the Xbox site mentions that you’ll be able to do tricks and “master the art of ark riding, buttering, rails and massive kickers.” I have no idea what any of those things are. Again: just give me big mountain, I go slide. The page does confirm that it’s an open world.

Shredders is aiming to release this December. It’ll launch simultaneously on Xbox Game Pass, as per all Microsoft games. Every time I see its name I will imagine it is being said by Krang.

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