Darksiders Genesis: Soul Cache Locations – Trophy Guide

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There are some hidden missions in Darksiders Genesis, some of which are also needed for various trophies. In this guide we want to explain the following trophy:

  • Soul Cache
    Destroy all 4 Soul Caches in The Slag Pit.

You can find more tips and solutions in our trophy guide to the game.

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Soul Cache Locations Guide – The Slag Pit

To unlock this trophy you have to find 4 Soul Caches in chapter 2.

The Soul Caches are well hidden, but you can still find all four camps on the first pass. If you have found a soul cache you just have to shoot it down with Strife.

#1 Soul Cache 00:00 – You will find the first soul cache behind the trickster door in this chapter.
#2 Soul Cache 01:03 – You can find lava flow, slag heaps in the area.
#3 Soul Cache 01:39 – You can find it right after the trickster door, at the bottom of the long stairs.
#4 Soul Cache bei 02:28 – The last soul camp can be found at the slag heap, the pillars.

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