See the sights in this American Truck Simulator Wyoming trailer

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As RPS safety officer and unofficial nonsense warden, I have to warn you to not operate heavy machinery while watching this video of someone operating heavy machinery. That would be silly. This first look at American Truck Simulator’s Wyoming update is a 24-minute jaunt along the chunky landscape of the American West. It’s a backdrop that can be both distractingly dramatic while still feeling like a brain massage.

The Freightliner is scooting from the boxy little town of Riverton to the slightly nicer looking Jackson. The highway cuts through some dramatic red gorges—very Martian—before settling into some classic American West scenery. You feel like cowboys could pop up at any moment to herd the bison that pepper the roadside.

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The roads are pretty quiet. Wyoming is the 10th largest state in the US, but also one of the least populated. There are long stretches where it’s just the driver and the scenery. Things pick up 17 minutes in, when the truck crosses a river. I wanted him to stop and have a paddle, as the snow-capped mountains in the background looked like the source. There’s nothing nicer than a frigid stream on a sun-baked day.

It’s just a tip of the hat to the addon’s impressive water features. Wyoming’s reservoirs and dams are being carefully sculpted for drivers to take a detour to, should they want to visit the stunning Flaming Gorge Dam. That’s what you can see in the header image.

We’re still waiting on an exact delivery slot for the Wyoming DLC. Just listen out for the toots of the horn.

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