Darksiders Genesis: All Ingots Locations – Hell’s Forge Trophy Guide

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There are some hidden missions in Darksiders Genesis, some of which are also needed for various trophies. In this guide we want to explain the following trophy:

  • Hell’s Forge
    Gather all the ingots in the Inferno Vault and take them to Hell’s Forge.

You can find more tips and solutions in our trophy guide to the game.

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Ingots Locations in the Inferno Vault

To unlock this trophy you have to find four ingots in Chapter 3, then you have to go to Hell’s Forge and process the ingots. Below we show you all the locations of the hidden bars.

The Hell’s Forge is the secret trickster door in Chapter 3, you need a trickster key to open it. In the video you can see the locations of the ingots, arranged as you can find them on the way to the Hell’s Forge. You will find three bars before you reach the trickster door. The last bar can be found in the dungeon, an area after the trickster door.

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