Wolfenstein Youngblood: Hard boiled Achievement / Trophy Guide

Wolfenstein Youngblood: Souvenir from Dunwall Location Guide

Find the souvenir from Dunwall in Wolfenstein Youngblood – trophies and achievements guide

In Wolfenstein Youngblood there are some trophies and achievements you can unlock, if you want to complete the game with 100% you will not only have to find all the collectibles, you must also unlock all trophies.

In this guide we explain how to solve the following task:

  • Hard boiled
    Kill 100 enemies while dual-wielding.

An overview of all trophies and achievements can be found here in our Trophy Guide.

Wolfenstein Youngblood: Uberhammer Location – Trophy Guide

Find the weapon Überhammer in Wolfenstein Youngblood – We’ll show you the exact location


Akimbo – Use two weapons in Wolfenstein Youngblood

Akimbo means that you have to equip yourself with two one-handed weapons. You need to unlock this ability / perk first, which is possible early in the game. Press the touchpad on the PS4 to enter the menu, then select the “Character” tab. Next you choose “Muscle”, then you already see the Akimbo ability.

Then equip two pistols or submachine guns and you can unlock this trophy / achievement.

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