You can wall-run in Cyberpunk 2077 now with this mod

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Wallrunning! Survey says: folks are pretty big fans of zooming sideways along buildings. Games that have weird and different ways of letting a player traverse are always the most fun, and it was a shame when CD Projekt Red revealed they’d cut the wall-running out of Cyberpunk 2077 during its development. But, what developers taketh away, modders giveth back – someone has made a basic wall-running mod so that we might do some sick cyberpunk parkour after all.

Made by “skyne0” on Nexus Mods, the work-in-progress WallRun mod does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s not the flashiest parkour you’ll ever see, V just sort of hops up and glides along at a slight angle. It looks as though you can latch onto the wall and run along for a fair amount of time though, and you can get a gun out, which adds to the cool-factor. The modder does stress that the wall-running is pretty buggy, however.

“Don’t expect anything sick,” skyne0 says. “It’s barely usable at the moment, it’s more of a proof of concept for myself.”

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Back in 2018, wall-running was shown in Cyberpunk’s Gamescom demo. It was pretty badass too; V hops onto the wall, does a little sprint, then uses her Mantis Blades (knife arms) to hook into the wall and assess some baddies before diving down to give them a stab. Unfortunately, last year CDPR said wall-running just didn’t work out “due to design reasons”.

I don’t know exactly what those reasons were, but having played Cyberpunk I don’t think it would’ve worked that well after all. Wall-running all stealthy-like similarly to V in that demo could be nice, but I don’t think the game’s stealth system works well enough as it is.

For some slightly simpler parkour, the WallRun mod seems like a nice little addition, however. If you want to install it, bear in mind you’ll also need the Redscript mod by “jac3km4”, GravityTweaker by “keanuWheeze” (excellent name) and Cyber Engine Tweaks by “yamashi”.

That last one is a requirement for a couple other fun mods too, so you could try out the flying mod (which occasionally makes V lose her head) or the third-person mod (which gives V scary legs).

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