Fortnite: All Singularity Helmet Locations Guide

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Fortnite Utopia Skin – Unlock All Styles (Find All Helmets From Singularity Skin)

If you’ve successfully completed today’s challenge to Fortbyte 90, you can unlock the Utopia Skin. In addition, you can then unlock all styles. To unlock all styles you have to collect all Singularity Helmets. In the video below you can see the locations of the helmets.

Fortnite: All Public Service Announcement Signs Locations – Week 10

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You unlock two additional styles for Singularity once you collect 95 Fortbytes and 100 Fortbytes.


Singularity Helmet Locations Guide

Singularity Colors/Style Helmets Timeline:
0:00 Cuddle
0:42 Pizza
1:26 Durr
2:13 Rex
2:59 Drift

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