Fortbyte #76: Diorama in an Insurance Building Location – Fortnite

Destiny 2: Imperial Treasure Map Location – Well of Flames

Find Imperial Treasure Map in the Well of Flames, we’ll show you the location – Destiny 2 Guide

There are 100 Fortbyte challenges to complete in Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9. This guide will show you how to complete the 76th Fortbyte.

Fortbyte Challenge #76: Found behind a Historical Diorama in an Insurance Building – Fortnite (Season 9). You have to go to Neo Tilted and into the building next to the house with the burger.

Fortbyte #69: Found Inside a Stone Pig Building Location – Fortnite

Fortbyte 69 – Fortnite localities guide – found within stone pig building

Below you can see a video with the exact location, we have solutions to all Fortbyte challenges, here you will find more guides.


Fortbyte 76

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