NieR Replicant 2021 – Weapons Locations Guide

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You can’t find all weapons in NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139? No problem, we’ll show you all the weapons in the game and where you can find them!

Not only that you can collect a total of 33 weapons, there are also some trophies that you can unlock:

  • Weapons Collector
    You found every weapon.

  • Thank You
    You viewed the third ending (Ending C).

  • Something Very Special
    You viewed the fourth ending (Ending D).

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Weapons Locations – NieR Replicant 2021

In part one of the story you can only find one-handed swords, that’s part of the story. In the second section you can then collect all the other weapons. If you miss a gun in the first part, don’t be afraid, you can’t miss a weapon!


Part One weapons locations

Weapon Location
Nameless Blade You get this weapon automatically
Lily-Leaf Sword You can buy it in the shop in Nier’s Village for 2,400 gold
Beastbain You can buy it in the shop in Nier’s Village for 16,800 gold
Nirvana Dagger At the Lost Shrine, in one of them, in a breakable box
Moonrise southern plains area, Supports the villager
Earth Wyrm’s Claw You can buy it in the shop in Facade for 8,400 gold
Rebirth You get this weapon automatically
Faith Forest of Myth, help villagers from the Deathdream.
Blade of Treachery Manor, inside a box


Part Two weapons locations

One handed swords

Weapon Location
Phoenix Dagger You can buy it in the shop in Seafront  for 36,200 gold
Ancient Overlord King of Facade, you get this weapon automatically
Labyrinth Whisper The Bridge in Peril, side quest
Iron Pipe Nier’s Dream or Ending B
Fool’s Embrace World of the Recycled Vessel, first door
XXXXX’s Sword Ending E


Two-Handed Swords

Weapon Location
Kusanagi You get this weapon automatically
Axe of Beheading You can buy it in the shop in Nier’s Village  for 19,200 gold
Fang of the Twins Manor Basement, first floor. Look for a box in which the weapon is hidden
Vile Axe You can buy it in the shop in Seafront  for 21,600 gold
Beastlord ???
Iron Will You get this weapon automatically. Junk Heap for the Weaponsmith
Labyrinth’s Song Disturbing the Sleep of Kings, side quest
Phoenix Sword Shadowlord’s Castle, hidden , in a box
Fool’s Lament World of the Recycled Vessel, second door


It will continue shortly! Stay tuned and stay healthy!

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