Layers of Fear 2: All Phonograph Interviews Locations – Trophies Guide

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In order to unlock the trophy or the achievement „Full Scoop“ in „Layers of Fear 2“ you have to find a total of 6 phonograph interviews. In this guide we want to explain to you where the phonographs are to be found.

Full Scoop
Listen to all the phonograph interviews

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Phonograph cylinder Locations – Full Scoop

To listen to the interviews with the phonograph you have to find all phonograph cylinders, once you have found all you have to play them in the phonograph.<7p>

– 0:05 – Phonograph 2
0:31 – Phonograph 3
0:59 – Phonograph 4
1:23 – Phonograph 5
1:54 – Phonograph 6
2:17 – Sound Bite & Full Scoop

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