Fortnite Battle Royale Week 6 Challenges Guide – Season 5

Destiny 2 – All 9 Penguin Toy Locations Guide

Find all penguin toys to complete the “Reuniting the Eventide Rookery” triumph. Destiny 2 100% Pingiun Guide!

On Thursday January 7th the week 6 missions will be unlocked in Fortnite. We want to help you prepare yourself for all new assignments now.

Our current list of all Fortnite Week 6 missions comes from Dataminers. It can happen that not all missions are identical to the tasks that go live on January 7th.

Therefore we will update this guide as soon as the challenges are live! We will also provide you with individual guides for all quests shortly!


LEGENDARY Challenges

  • Get Headshots (20, 40, 60, 80, 100)


Fortnite – Signal the Coral Buddies ALL Locations

Find the signal to call the coral buddies – Fortnite week 6 season 5 solutions and tips

EPIC Challenges

  • Blow up Fishing Holes at Sharky Shell, Sweaty Sands, or Flopper Pond (3)

  • Blow up Fishing Holes at Lazy Lake Island, Lake Canoe, and near Steamy Stacks (3)

  • Destroy Motorboats (3)

  • Destroy Boats (7)
    There are plenty of boats to be found on the beach between Steamy Stacks and Dirty Docks.

  • Destroy Fishing Rod Barrels (7)

  • Catch Fish (7)
    This task is self-explanatory, grab a fishing rod and catch fish until the challenge is complete.

  • Signal the Coral Buddies (1)
    Click here for a detailed explanation and a video.

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