Destiny 2: Presage Exotic Quest – Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout Rifle

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Today a new quest has been added to Destiny 2, Presage Exotic Quest – complete voice on the other side. To play this mission you first have to unlock the mission, which we explain to you here.

When you have received the Presage Exotic Quest from Zavala, the actual mission begins.


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Solo Presage Exotic Quest

The Youtuber Esoterickk has already finished the new quest and published a video about it! The mission is for 1 to 3 players, in the video you can see a solo run.

There is not much to explain, there are some jump & run sections, opponents and a final boss. When you have done everything, you must return to Zavala. As a reward, you will receive a new weapon: Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout Rifle.

Have fun and good luck!


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