Steam open world sale underway until May 31st

Among Us is free to keep this week on the Epic Games Store

Among Us, the hit multiplayer game about betraying your friends, is free to keep this week on the Epic Games Store.

See that big sale off in the distance? You can actually walk there. That’s pretty boring though, so thankfully there’s a fast travel system. All you need to do is hit this link and be instantly transported to Steam’s new open world game sale.

Or you can accept this side quest, and hop into the post for some of my personal picks.

Steam considers “open world” a theme rather than a genre, and so the games on sale run the gamut from first-person action, to driving games, to strategy games, to survival games. Is survival management sim Oxygen Not Included really open world? Is Teardown, because although its levels are small, you can smash through the walls in any direction? Who cares – they’re good games and they’re cheaper than thety were before.

Horizon Forbidden West looks very pretty in its new trailer – and will surely come to PC eventually, right?

Horizon Forbidden West’s latest trailer looks properly next-gen – and it’s bound to come to PC sooner or later, right?

I recommend free-roaming RPG Kenshi, which is 40% off and £13.79/$18/€16.19. It’s brutal, but is one of the best RPGs and best survival games. I recommend Death Stranding, again, which is reduced 50% to £27.49/$30/€30 and will send you on an Icelandic road trip with an encouraging jar baby.

Finally, I recommend turn-based tactics RPG Battle Brothers, which is also reduced 50%, to £11.49/$15/€14. It’s about leading a small mercenary company and trying to survive an open world campaign filled with bastards.

You can obv have a poke around yourself, and make your own recommendations in the comments below.

It’s time to storm the servers in Chivalry 2’s open beta

The 64 player medieval multiplayer game is in open beta until June 1