It looks like Battlefield 6 will be announced next month

Ubisoft’s live sea-rvice game Skull & Bones delayed again

Skull & Bones is a seafaring action-adventure in development at Ubisoft Singapore, and it’s been delayed yet again into 2022.

It looks like we’re going to see the new Battlefield soon, if a hint tweeted earlier today by the game’s official Twitter account isn’t a ridiculous fake-out. The timing suggests it might coincide with June’s virtual E3 on June 12th-15th, but EA’s own event, EA Play Live, isn’t happening until July.

The tweet is pretty brief. “Words that rhyme with Soon:”, it reads, and lists “June” and “Boom”.

While the timing for EA Play Live was confirmed as July 22nd vi a tweet from the official EA account.

The most recent news about the next Battlefield game came via a brief mention in a blog post last month. It said that the team were in “daily playtesting mode” on the game, while promising to take the series “to the next level”. It was empty production buzzwordery, but at least there wasn’t mention of levolution.

The two most recent Battlefield games – 1 and V, thanks people who name things – were set in World War 1 and World War 2 respectively. That has caused people to assume that the next game in the series will return to the modern day, because as we all know, that’s how time works. (After “modern day” comes Vietnam).

Battlefield 3 was the last time I was really into the series, and Bad Company 2 was the last Battlefield game I truly loved, but I still have more affection for it than the Call Of Duty series. Even if the new one is mostly focused around a predictable battle royale mode, I’d still be interested to see its take on it.

Ubisoft say now is the time for free-to-play games “across all [their] biggest franchises”

Ubisoft say that free-to-play games will be a bigger part of their business in future, across “all [their] biggest franchises.”