Gorgeous voxel puzzler Bonfire Peaks will arrive this autumn

Fallout 76’s Locked & Loaded update is live now, with player loadouts and second homes

Fallouy 76’s Locked & Loaded update is live now, adding second homes, player loadouts, season 4 content, and much more.

Draknek, makers of A Monster’s Expedition and Cosmic Express, are publishing their first game – and it’s very Draknek-y. Bonfire Peaks is a puzzle game about climbing to the top of a mysterious island ruin and burning all your belongings to a crisp on the way.

Draknek’s games tend to be puzzlers about pushing, rotating and positioning blocks in a grid-based world, and the same seems to be true here. Bonfire Peaks also has a beautiful voxel artstyle to set it apart, though.

Riot have shut down a fan-made League Of Legends classic server – and were creepy about it

Chronoshift was a legacy server made by fans that let you play League Of Legends as it was ten years ago. Now Riot have shut them down.

The press release also says it’ll have over 100 levels and that it’ll be “fiendishly difficult” – which, yes, is another Draknek hallmark. Cosmic Express and A Monster’s Expedition (disclosure: the latter of which was written by Pip, RPS in peace) are games which start easy and gradually add wrinkles that make levels seem impossible to solve, until you spot the solution in a moment of mind-expanding glory.

If you’re interested in Bonfire Peaks based on the trailer, you might enjoy going back and watching an earlier video of it from January 2020. At the time it had no publisher and developer Corey Martin expected it to be released within a few months, but it’s interesting to compare the videos now and see all the ways it’s been polished over the past year.

Bonefire Peaks now has a release window of this autumn, but the demo from last year is still available on Steam now.

Valorant’s sunny new map Breeze is out now

It’s time to take a trip to the bright beaches in the Bermuda Triangle, because Valorant’s new map Breeze has arrived alongside Episode 2 Act 3.