Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Achievements List & Guides

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In Harry Potter Wizards Unite there are some Achievements you can unlock. These achievements also reward you with regenerate energy, get raw materials / ingredients and earn a lot of cash. Each achievement has several levels.

In this guide we show you all the known Achievements and give you tips on the Azfgaben. All in all, 30 achievements are known to us at the moment. Each of these Achievements has 3 levels, giving a total of 90 Achievements


Wizards Unite: Achievements Guide

  • Friends Listed
    add friends to your Friends List


    Level 1: 500 EXP

    Level 2: 5 x Gold

    Level 3: Silver Key
  • Spells Cast Successfully
    successfully cast spells in specific amount of times


    Level 1: 500 EXP

    Level 2: 5 x Gold

    Level 3: 20 x Gold
  • Potions Used in Traces
    use potions during wizarding challenges


    Level 1: 500 EXP

    Level 2: 5 x Gold

    Level 3: 10 x Gold
  • Distinct Spell Cast
    cast a specified number of spells


    Level 1: 250 EXP

    Level 2: 500 EXP

    Level 3: 5 x Gold
  • Magizoologist Lessons Mastered
    Master Magizoologist profession


    Level 1: 1 x Invigoration Potion

    Level 2: 3 x Invigoration Potion

    Level 3: 5 x Invigoration Potion
  • Wizarding Level Reached
    advance to a specified level of experience

  • Kilometers Walked
    walk a certain amount of km

  • Mystery Items Found
    find mysterious items

  • Images Placed
    place images in registry

  • Exstimulo Potions Used
    create a specified quantity of this potion

  • Inns Dined
    eat meals at inns

  • Countries Visited
    play the game in a specific number of countries

  • Greenhouses Harvested
    harvest greenhouses

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  • Potions Used in Wizarding Challenges
    use specified amount of potions during Wizarding Challenges

  • Portkey Portmanteaus Opened
    open portkeys

  • Potion Ingredients Found
    gather potion ingredients by exploring the world map

  • Potions Brewed
    brew lots of potions

  • Wizarding Challenges Won
    complete a specific number of challenges

  • Dark Detectors Placed
    use some dark detectors at inns

  • Defensive Spells Cast
    use the Protego spell

  • Baruffio’s Brain Elixirs Used
    use this potion many times

  • Foes Defeated
    defeat a specified amount of enemies in wizarding challenges

  • Offensive Spells Cast
    use a lot of offensive spells

  • Ingredient Seeds Planted
    plant a specified amount of plants in greenhouses;

  • Auror Lessons Mastered
    develop skills of Auror

  • Magizoologist Lessons Mastered
    gain a specified amount of skill points as Magizoologist

  • Masterful Spell Cast
    cast spells in masterful way;

  • Strategic Spells Cast
    use a specified amount of strategic spells during wizarding challenges

  • Elite Foes Defeated
    you have to defeat a specified amount of elite mobs in wizarding challenges.

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