Chivalry 2 will “double in size” with free content updates, devs say

Cyberpunk RPG The Ascent coming to Game Pass at launch in July

This top-down action RPG is prepping for a gritty cyberpunk launch in July and will be dropping into Xbox Game Pass for PC on the same day.

First-person stabber sequel Chivalry 2 launched last week, and apparently that was just the beginning. Developers Torn Banner Studios yesterday declared that the game will “at least double in size” with free content updates, and gave a peek at what they’re working on. A fancy city map, for one, which you can see in the new video dev diary below.

That there map is Galencourt for the Team Objective mode, and it does look well swanky. The press release also noted they’re planning “new weapons, a new fighting style with mounted horse combat, and more.” Quite a lot more, they say.

“Chivalry 2 at launch is a foundation. It’s intentionally built to be extended,” said creative director Steve Piggott. “Post-launch content is something we’re going to be working on for a long time. The game is going to at least double in size for free.”

Resident Evil Village is going to have DLC, in case there was any doubt

Capcom kicked off their E3 presentation by confirming that yes, they are going to develop DLC for the most recent Resident Evil game.

They have a public roadmap on Trello for more info on future updates and fixes.

Chivalry 2 is out now on the Epic Games Store. Torn Banner have said that “after one year, it will be available on other PC digital store fronts, such as Steam.” A year can be a long time in the lifespan of a multiplayer game, especially one on a unpopular store. But they’re apparently in it for the long haul.

What’s the game like in its current state, gang? How’s your stabbing going? How will twice as much stabbing be?

I know our Ollie has been hacking away at Chivalry 2, producing guides like how to win any fight, even while outnumbered. Which does sound a bit like an ad for kung fu lessons from a 1970s Marvel comic. This thought made me look up Count Dante and his Black Dragon Fighting Society and I have to say, I was not expecting to learn about Chicago dojo wars that ended with a friend of his killed with a sword in a ‘dojo storm’.

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