Mafia: Definitive Edition – Not Classy Trophy Guide

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In Mafia 1 Remake there are a total of 44 trophies to unlock including the platinum trophy.

If you want to finish the game with 100% and platinum, you have to unlock all trophies. In this guide we want to explain the task of one of the trophies or achievements Not Classy from Mafia: Definitive Edition:

  • Not Classy
    Took Paulie to a Place of Disrepute

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Mafia 1 Remake – Take Paulie to a Place of Disrepute

This throphy will be earned in Fair Play which is in Chapter 5. Important first, do not drive Paulie home. Once you won the race, do not drive Paulie home, take him to Blue Tropics which is marked on our picture. This is an alternate mission ending and it ends once you get the trophy, if you would head according the mission marked line it would take you into the next chapter. You can safe the game after the car race to be on the safe side.

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