Destiny 2: All Imperial Treasure Map Locations

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Imperial Treasure Maps are the new way to earn rewards for weekly bounties in Destiny 2. These maps were introduced in the Season of Opulence Update.

If you complete a bounty instead of receiving the rewards directly, you will receive a treasure map. The descriptions and videos show you where to look.


Imperial Treasure Map Guide

This guide is under construction, we will update soon!

Well of Flames on Nessus

For the first treasure map you have to go to the Well of Flame. It is an area in the southwestern corner of Nessus.

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Spine Burrows on IO

The next map is on IO. You have to go to the cave in the Lost Oasis in the north. The entrance to the cave can be found east of the giant tree stum.


Alton Dynamo on Mars

The next map is on Mars. You have to go to the Alton Dynamo area.


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