Overcooked 2 is free to keep via the Epic Games Store this week

Valorant’s next character is KAY/O, a killer robot who suppresses enemies

Valorant is getting another new agent, called KAY/O. He’s a killer robot who can throw a knife to suppress enemy abilities.

Overcooked 2 seemed to make less of a splash than its predecessor, maybe because both chaotic co-op cook ’em ups are fundamentally similar. It’s still a great game though, and it’s currently free to keep via the Epic Games Store.

You’ve got until June 24th at 4pm to grab it and add it to your Epic Games Store account. It’s yours to keep forever if you get it before the deadline.

Roguebook is out with Slay The Spire-inspired battling from Richard Garfield and Faeria devs

Roguebook is a roguelike deckbuilder from the developers of Faeria and Richard Garfield, and it seems inspired by Slay The Spire. It’s out now on Steam.

In her Overcooked 2 review, Jay Castello gave it high praise, calling it “more than the sum of its parts. It’s fast-paced, hilarious, and just the right amount of stressful, and that all comes together into one of the most fun and moreish co-op games I’ve played in years.”

The Epic Games Store has already offered the original Overcooked as a freebie a couple of times, so this is theoretically a chance to complete the set. We learned via documents released as part of the Epic vs. Apple trial that Epic had paid a total of $12 million on these kinds of freebies, and specifically $225,000 was spent on handing out 3 million free copies of Overcooked. It garnered 206k new Epic Games Store accounts, so theoretically a sound investment.

Back in March, Team 17 released Overcooked All You Can Eat, which combined 1 and 2 together, lightly remastered their art, and added online multiplayer. Unfortunately its Steam reviews suggest that the online multiplayer is a rough experience, and you’re still better off playing it via Steam Remote Play.

Naraka: Bladepoint open beta is one of the most-played games on Steam

You can try the Chinese fantasy battle royale game for free one last time before launch, and it’s become one of the most-played games on Steam.