Destroy All Humans – Do Feed the Sharks Trophy Guide

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In this guide we want to explain one of the many trophies from Destroy All Humans to you, the following:

  • Do Feed the Sharks
    Demonstrate Furon free spirit near a warning sign placed by the human authorities

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Do Feed the Sharks – Destroy All Humans

On the 3rd map, Santa Modesta, you will find a large beach. On the one hand you will find a lot of people on this beach and on the other hand you will also find some lifeguard buildings.

At the lifeguard buildings you have to look for a sign with a shark warning. So go to one of these shark warning signs, grab a human and throw him into the sea, you will unlock this trophy.

This Guide will show you all steps through each mission of Destroy All Humans for unlocking The Mandatory Option trophy.