Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Unlock Penta Penguin – Cheat Code

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Penta Penguin is a character in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled which you have to unlock first. This character is one of the best in the game, at least if you want to complete time trials.

To unlock Penga Penguin you need to enter a cheat. You’ll find the cheat below, you just have to run this cheat in the main menu, if you’ve done it right, a box will appear in the bottom left corner and a sound will sound. There is no special cheat menu or similar.

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Penta Penguin Cheat Code

  • PS4: Hold L1+R1 (Permanently), press Down, Right, Triangle, Down, Left, Triangle, Up
  • Xbox One: Hold LB+RB (Permanently), press Down, Right, Y, Down, Left, Y, Up
  • Nintendo Switch: Hold L+R (Permanently), press Down, Right, X, Down, Left, X, Up


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