Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 4 adds magic doors and dirt bikes

Gothic creators making a sequel to sci-fantasy RPG Elex

Piranha Bytes will continue their post-apocalyptic sci-fantasy RPG with Elex 2, announced today during E3. And yes, the sequel still has a jetpack.

A while ago it was rumoured that Call Of Duty: Warzone would get some magic red doors for fast travel. Turns out those doors are being installed right now in preparation for Season 4, which drops on Thursday. Oh, and there’s a new event about raining satellites? A new gulag’s also being popped in, alongside a new zippy vehicle. But one thing remains, and that’s Nakatomi Plaza. I’m glad it’s sticking around for the foreseeable.

A blog post revealed a lot more info about the season last night, and confirmed that we can preload the update on Wednesday June 16th at 9pm Pacific (that’s 5am Thursday for us in the UK) before it goes live on the 17th.

So what can we expect? Doors. Red Doors. Rumours said that they’d act as fast travel points that let you get from A to B in a jiffy. Sort of like a streamlined version of the finicky subway system that was rarely used back in the day. The patch notes give us two paragraphs to go on, with deliberate omissions to keep these doors spooky and mysterious, though, so it’s difficult to know exactly how they’ll work.

Here’s the official word:

Our intel cannot explain the origin of these mysterious Red Doors around Verdansk, but one thing is certain: They allow you to [[REDACTED]] around the [[REDACTED]]. What’s behind them? Explore and enter them to [[REDACTED]] across the [[REDACTED]].

Great Ace Attorney Chronicles adds a mechanic that sounds like a Sherlock Holmes fanfic

During Capcom’s E3 stream last night, they showed new footage of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, which showed two new mechanics for players to learn.

Red Doors won’t [[REDACTED]] unless you ping them, and after you step through, there’s no telling [[REDACTED]] exiting out the other side… and stepping into a [[REDACTED]].

So I’m thinking the fast travel rumour could still stand here. “They allow you to “fast travel around the “map”, might work for that first couple of redactions. But then the next bit has me stumped. Onto the second paragraph, though, and maybe “Red Doors won’t appear unless you ping them” works? I’m imagining ghostly doors that’ll spring to life only after you’ve highlighted them. Again, the last section has me confused. I wonder if they’ll be fast travel points with an element of risk, like they’ll have a slight chance of spitting you out in a random location or something.

A magic Red Door from Warzone Season 4, which is wide open and has an entrance that glows a shimmering blue.

There’s also a new “Ground Fall” limited-time event that involves finding and capturing fallen satellites around Verdansk. You’ll need to complete objectives to earn rewards like emblems and calling cards and dangly bits for your guns. I’m just hoping these satellites turn into chaotic hotspots around the map, I love me some ganking.

New Gulag – nice. Didn’t like this season’s one, so see ya later. “Deft and nimble” dirt bikes are also coming to Verdansk, which will let me pull off “sick stunts”, aka, attempting a roly poly in mid-air and clattering my skull into a rock – also nice.

And another cool surprise, Nakatomi Plaza from Warzone’s 80s Action Heroes limited-time event is sticking around. It’s just losing the vault filled with riches, and is being renamed to “Downtown Tower”. Lovely stuff this, as it’s a well-designed shooting gallery that would’ve been a shame to demolish.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War also receives a slew of new stuff in Season 4. Four new multiplayer maps are on the way, including Hijacked, an old favourite 6v6 map set on a cruise ship. There’s also a new Hand Cannon Scorestreak which is basically an enormous pistol that’ll turn enemies into red dust with a well-placed shot.

After 11 years, the X-Com-esque UFO 2 is out now

If you fancy more vintage X-Com-style tactical action, check out UFO2, which finally launched today – 11 years after it was announced.