Prison Architect’s Second Chances DLC adds new routes to rehabilitation

It looks like a Crysis 2 remaster is on the way

Tweets from the official Crysis account suggest Crysis 2 Remastered might be on the way, after Crysis Remastered was released last year.

I thought the original Prison Architect did a pretty job of letting you build different kinds of prisons, and letting you try to effect the rates of recidivism among your population. It seems the next expansion is going further down the rebah route, though.

Prison Architect: Second Chances will introduce new ways to prepare your population for life after prison, from animal therapy to conflict resolution classes. There’s a trailer below.

Man, I hate Prison Architect’s trailers. It’s dicey enough to build a management game about building a prison industrial complex, but every time there’s a cutes-y, joke-y trailer featuring some cheeky crims, I want to run a mile. It’s a far cry from the base game’s uncomfortably stark comic strips.

Watch Dogs Legion has delayed its PvP modes and DLC

Watch Dogs Legion’s story DLC is delayed slightly, and its new PvP multiplayer modes are pushed back from May until August.

But I’m onboard with the update itself, more so than recent efforts like Going Green or Island Bound. The new programs it introduces remove inmate’s negative trailers and improve their behaviour, and good behaviour can cause their sentences to be reduced. I like the idea of building my inmates a bakery – although at a certain point probably I should just go play a different game.

Second Chances will launch in around 3 weeks on June 16th.

(The most fun I’ve ever had playing Prison Architect remains that time in Escape mode when a bug turned me invisible.)

Samorost has a new enhanced edition, and it’s still free

Samorost is an all-time classic adventure game, and it now has a new edition with enhanced graphics and new music that’s still free.