Destiny 2 Xur location and inventory, today on July 3

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Where is Xur on July 3 today? What armor and weapons can I buy from Xur today?

Many want to have answered these questions, but it is not possible, at least until Xur appears in Destiny 2. So that you don’t have to search long today, we want to show you where you can find Xur on July 3rd.

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But not only Xur is interesting at the moment, there is a lot of new content to discover in Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals. Did you visit the new prophecy dungeon and complete it? Speak to the Vagabond (Drifter) in the tower to visit this dungeon!

Xur Location on 7/3/2020:
Xur opened his black market, you can find him at Tower on Hangar.


Destiny 2 Xur Location Video on 7/3/2020


Xur Inventory

  • The Huckleberry – MP
  • Lucky Pants – Hunter
  • Mask of the Quiet One – Warlock
  • Lunafaction Boots – Titan

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