Fortnite Coral Buddies Modern & Nuclear Age – Secret Challenges

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Fortnite Update 13.40 was released today. Then a new coral buddy order was unlocked. In this guide we want to explain these three missions to you.

ORDER Coral buddy: The modern age

  • Collect Nuclear Container
  • Coral Buddies enter the Nuclear Age
  • Begin atomic test
  • Coral buddies reach for the stars


Start the atomic test – coral buddy atomic age

To complete the new coral buddy nuclear age missions, you only need to have 100 metal in your luggage. Then you go to the two small islands in the north of the map.

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Now you can solve the first task on the lower small island, find the atomic container. This is a little east of the island in the water, next to a stone. Grab the atomic container and place it in the wooden structure on the lower island – start the atomic test.

As soon as the atomic text is over, go to the upper island and run to the small launch pad, use 100 metal there for the mission – the coral buddies reach for the stars.

That’s it already!

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