Borderlands 3: Dropping Loads – Trophy and Achievement Guide

We have all Side Missions from Borderlands 3 for you, locations, quest givers and tips

In Borderlands 3 there are some trophies and achievements you can unlock. To complete the game with 100% you have to master all the trophies or achievements successfully. To make it easier for you, we would like to explain the following trophy to you in this guide:

  • Dropping Loads
    Win a live grenade at a Slot Machine.

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Find Moxxi and give him a tip

You can unlock this trophy aboard your spaceship Sanctuary. Go to Moxxis Bar where you will find 4 slot machines.

You can spend money on it and one of the “rewards” is a live grenade. Just spend money until you win a live grenade. It may take some time, so you should collect at least 10,000 money before that. You can also pull the lever of several slot machines at the same time to shorten the waiting times.

Tip: If you want your playful money back, create a manual backup of the game first.

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