Destiny 2: How To Access Vex Offensive Mode

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You do not know how you can start the new vex offensive in destiny 2? In this guide we want to explain this to you.

The Vex Offensive is a co-op mode for 6 players, at least for all with Season Pass and the new expansion Shadowkeep.


How to unlock the Vex Offensive in Destiny 2?

To play the Vex offensive you have to complete the quest Eyes on the Moon. This is the step with which many players have problems.


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Eyes on the Moon Guide / Solution

To get the quest, you need to go the Tower and speak to Ikora Rey. Ikora will then give you the quest Vex Invasion. This mission takes you to the Moon, to the Vex Invasion Zone. So go there.

You get a notice on the screen when the cex are coming. There will be many Vex appear, you should better go into a group. If you are well equipped you can do it solo.

After you beat a Gatelord (in time) the next portal will appear. There is a total of 3 gatelords and one boss.

After completing the quest, return to Eris Morn and the Vex offensive is open for you. Below is a video of this tutorial.

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