Game Pass will run on iPhones and browsers with Xbox Series X quality very soon

Xbox streaming is coming to TVs and streaming devices, alongside new consoles

Xbox leadership spoke at length about the future of Game Pass, Xbox Series X, Windows 10 gaming, and more ahead of E3 2021. The panel featured no video games like Halo Infinite but instead focused on corporate strategy.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to stream video games through web browsers in the coming weeks. This option (currently available in beta) will greatly expand the potential Game Pass streaming audience, making the service accessible via browser on Windows PC, Mac, and most notably iOS devices. So yes, you will soon be able to stream Xbox games on your iPhone.

The bigger news for members of the beta, along with Android users already enjoying the service, will be an upgrade to Xbox’s cloud streaming quality: In the coming weeks, the service will upgrade to Xbox Series X hardware. The service currently relies on less powerful Xbox hardware with lower frame rates and visual fidelity.

Microsoft to bring ‘at least one’ first-party game to Game Pass every quarter

Xbox Game Pass is picking up speed, Microsoft says, pledging to bring at least one new first-party game to the subscription service every quarter from its 23 studios.

Xbox leadership announced the public release of Game Pass on browsers during the company’s E3 2021 business briefing, an hourlong panel titled “What’s Next for Gaming.” Xbox and Microsoft leadership spent the majority of the session detailing the company’s current strategy for improving accessibility, diversity, and online communities.

In the session, Microsoft leadership also revealed the company is “accelerating” engineering of new Xbox consoles, along with developing stand-alone streaming devices.

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