You can try Resident Evil Village’s multiplayer again today

Every DLC for Max Payne 3 and L.A. Noir is now free on PC

Rockstar have released a title update for both games that adds all released DLCs to PC versions of the game, though they’ve also depreciated 32-bit support.

The big Resident Evil news everyone wants today is more info on the VR version of Resident Evil 4, which should come at the Oculus Gaming Showcase tonight. That’ll be nice. Looking forward to that. But also, to the excitement of very few people, Capcom are holding another open beta test day for Resident Evil Re:Verse, the deathmatch spin-off tacked onto Resident Evil Village for some incomprehensible reason. I guess it’s fitting.

Once again, you can join six-player deathmatch as Resident Evil characters who are shooting each other to pieces because reasons, and can find magic potions to transform into various baddies. The latest open beta started at 7am today and runs until 7am on Thursday (that’s 11pm Pacific today). You can find it for free on Steam.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles launches on PC in July

These historical lawyer ’em up games are bundled together in a collection that’s releasing in English and on PC for the first time.

Capcom are unusually into making multiplayer Resident Evil spin-offs which are wholly different to the games they’re in, which bear no relation to the reasons anyone was interested in the game in the first place. Bless ’em. Some work better than others. While I admire people mucking about with weird ideas, these do sometimes seem like they should be Half-Life mods rather than something I inadvertently pay for when buying a different game.

The beta has a “Mostly Negative” rating from Steam player reviews, though evidently a fair few folks have enjoyed it. I did download the beta last time but never got round to playing because… well, it’s Village I want, isn’t it. Did you have a go, gang?

Resident Evil Re:Verse will come ‘free’ with Resident Evil Village when it launches on the 7th of May.

Tales Of Arise announces September 10th launch and dives into combat

The newest Tales Of game has gotten its release date and shown off a much closer look at its combat system in a new video.