Dota 2’s Nemestice event and new battle pass underway

Epic have made Easy Anti-Cheat and cross platform voice comms free for game devs

Epic Online Services, middleware provided by Epic to make online games easier to make, now includes voice comms and Easy Anti-Cheat.

Dota 2’s summer Nemestice event has kicked off alongside a new battle pass. The official microsite of what it includes just goes on and on, but among the list is Davion of Dragon Hold, pictured above, the star of Netflix’s Dota 2 anime.

I’m not a Dota boy, but I do love Valve’s animated trailers. This is a nice one:

Teardown’s relentless robot is like Baymax crossed with a T-1000

Teardown’s developer has been working on adding NPC pathfinding to the game, and demoed it with a video of a relentless, cute and terrifying robot.

The Mad Moon’s destruction has sent fragments of magic rock crashing across the world. A new Nemestice event mode has players fighting over these meteorite fragments and gaining boosts to damage output and movement speed by gatharing Nemestice Embers. There are also new “Nemestice-crazed” creeps to fight.

The battle pass does what battle passes do: you pay money at three tiers then work to unlock differnet rewards, by competing in challenges and completing weekly quests. Davion is one of the rewards, but there are tons more. I like the cute look of the “all-seeing eye dogs”.

A cursory look at the Dota 2 Reddit suggests some users aren’t happy with how they run their battle passes, particularly in terms of pricing. The cheapest bundle will cost you $7.49, which a level 50 bundle costing $26.99 and a level 100 bundle costing $41.99. As always, battle passes appeal to a certain strand of player who love them, and seem like a colossal waste of money to literally everyone else.

Apex Legends takes players back to good old Skull Town next week

The Genesis Collection Event kicks off on June 29th, bringing back the original maps for both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge – and putting Skull Town in Arenas.