Watch Dogs Legion Any 22 Darts Locations Guide

Watch Dogs Legion – 100% Trophy Instructions – Escape a Pursuit Level 5 doing a Statue Emote to earn the trophyYou Don’t See Me!.

Your’re looking for a overview to find all 22 Darts Locations in Watch Dogs Legion? In this Guide we want to show you where and how to find each Darts Location in Watch Dogs Legion. Doing all of them will unlock the Bullseye trophy/achievement.

  • Bullseye
    Complete a Darts game in every Darts location


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Watch Dogs Legion – All Darts Locations Guide

You can find a total of 22 Darts Locations in Watch Dogs Legion. All of the them are in Bars and you will see this collectible as a blue mark on your map when you are close enough.

You have to complete a full match from 301 to 0 points to get it counted. It is not necessary to play against other people to get the Bullseye trophy, just play it solo as it is faster as well. All Darts games has to be played with the same character, that means you will not get this trophy by playing your dart sessions with different characters.

1# – City of Westminster at 0:01
2# – City of Westminster at 1:01
3# – City of Westminster at 1:21
4# – City of Westminster at 1:46
5# – City of Westminster at 2:01
6# – City of Westminster at 2:17
7# – Camden – 2:35
8# – City of London at 2:56
9# – City of London at 3:13
10# – Islington & Hackney at 3:35
11# – Islington & Hackney at 3:56
12# – Tower Hamlets at 4:13
13# – Tower Hamlets at 4:27
14# – Southwark at 4:46
15# – Southwark at 5:02
16# – Lambeth at 5:21
17# – Lambeth at 5:38
18# – Lambeth at 5:56
19# – Lambeth at 6:36
20# – Lambeth at 6:55
21# – Nine Elms at 7:12

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