Loop Hero update adds mid-game saves, speed increases and new tiles

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Loop Hero has sold 800k copies since its release back in March, which is pretty impressive given it’s a strange, lo-fi mashup of roguelike and idle game. It’s now received its first major update, and version 1.1 brings with it new tiles to build with and a bunch of quality-of-life improvements, including the ability to speed up the game.

The update entered beta testing on June 1st but is now available to all. Its major changes are those quality-of-life improvements. You can now save mid-expedition for example, meaning you can quit and rest without losing your progress. You can also change the speed of both expeditions and fights, increasing the tempo by as much as four times. Those were major complaints from players in the weeks after release.

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There are other nice-to-haves in the update, too, including easier deck switching and the ability to lock items in your inventory by right-clicking on them. Finally, version 1.1 also adds new tiles and new enemies, although the patch notes only say that there’s three of each without revealing what they are. You can read about these and other changes in the Steam news post about the original beta update.

Steve Hogarty loved the game in his Loop Hero review, calling it “profoundly rewarding.” Brad Lang also spoke to Loop Hero’s developers for us about how its strange mishmash of ideas came to exist.

Loop Hero is currently 33% off via Steam, if you fancy it.

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