Square Enix’s E3 event will feature new game from Deus Ex studio

Frostpunk is free to keep this week on the Epic Games Store

Frostpunk, the miserable management game about surviving a frozen wasteland, is currently free to keep if you grab it this week from the Epic Games Store.

Do you dare to dream? Square Enix announced that their E3 conference, Square Enix Presents, would take place on June 13th at 8:15pm BST/3:15pm EST/12:15pm PST. Alongside an update on Platinum Games Babylon’s Fall and more on Life Is Strange: True Colors and the next Marvel’s Avengers expansion, we can expect the “world premioere of a new game” from Eidos Montreal.

Eidos Montreal, if you don’t know, are the studio previously responsible for Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

In fairness, Eidos Montreal’s last game was leading development of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider in 2018, and since then they’ve been handling additional development on Marvel’s Avengers. I have no reason to think they’re returning to their earlier history, which also included 2014’s Thief reboot. And yet, I want to believe. What is E3 for if not getting our hopes up?

Slipways offers grand strategy in under 60 minutes, and it’s out now

Slipways, a grand strategy game where matches can be finished in under an hour, is out now on Steam.

The far more likely outcome is that it’s another Tomb Raider game. It’s been three years since Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, it’s the 25th anniversary of the series, and life rarely conspires to give me what I want.

Babylon’s Fall might be fair compensation. The action game from Platinum Games has been quiet since it was announced back in 2019 and hasn’t been seen much since. The trailer above isn’t overly exciting, but the makers of Bayonetta and Nier Automata are rarely boring.

Also confirmed for the event is Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther- War for Wakanda, and more information on Life Is Strange: True Colors. The latter was announced back in March and is a whole new story in the Life Is Strange universe, due for release this September.

You can watch Square Enix Presents via their Twitch and YouTube channels. You can also find details of where to watch every E3 show on our E3 2021 schedule.

Palia is a cosy, Stardew-inspired MMO

Palia’s announcement trailer shows a cosy MMO inspired by Stardew Valley, about adventuring with friends, designing a house and romancing NPCs.